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Good game! Fun new way to discover uni

King’s College London has launched a new online service to help give 10-14-year-olds a better idea of university and how to prepare for it – using games.

Pupils who register with Gameplan can create their own avatar then take part in a series of games and challenges designed to inform them about higher education and encourage them to progress to university, while earning points and even moving up a national leaderboard.

Announcing the site's launch, King's College said: “Using games, videos and animations, the site offers pupils interactive advice and guidance on how to access highly selective universities. Designed to be used either in short sessions as a stand-alone site, or in a more structured lesson based format with accompanying lesson plans, the site can be accessed both at home and at school. Parents too are provided with a wide range of information, expert advice and crucial hints and tips, enabling them to effectively support their child. “

But the resource isn't only useful for those who aspire to “highly selective” universities. Gameplan spells out what pupils can expect of their studies and lifestyle should they go to university, and gives parents plenty of advice on how to help their children in achieve their dream by giving them a good learning environment and healthy lifestyle during their school years, and suggesting ways to encourage them to do the best they can.

There’s also advice for both parents and pupils on managing university finances, making the right subject choices through GCSE and A Levels, and planning a route to that HE place.

For teachers who wish to use Gameplan with their pupils, King’s College London has devised a five-lesson scheme of work that accompanies the site.

King's said: “Complete with powerpoints, plans and resources, this set of lessons aims to teach pupils everything from who goes to university, to how to set a weekly student budget.”

For more information, and to register, visit

Posted by Nicholas Manthorpe on Mon, 10 Apr 2017

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