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Offers Time! UCAS advice on what happens next

Offers of university places are starting to roll in. So what do you do now you’ve got them? And what if you didn’t get any?

Ucas has refreshed its advice pages with a number of useful articles. The first thing to remember is: don’t rush it. Even if you didn’t get an offer – actually, especially if you didn’t get an offer – you need to take some time to consider your next move.

Not heard yet?

“If you make your application by the 15 January deadline you’ll normally receive a reply by 31 March at the latest,” says Ucas, “but you’ll probably find that you (and your friends) receive responses back at different times. It might be within a few days, but equally it might be a few weeks or even months.”

UCAS explains the timetable here: When will you hear back from the universities you’ve applied to?

Got offers?

Ucas says: “Before you head to Ucas Track to accept and reject offers, here’s what you need to consider:” Making your firm and insurance choices: top tips

Invited to an interview?

Here are some nuggets from students who impressed their interviewers: Preparing for your university interview – top tips from students.

No offers?

Don’t panic! Ucas Extra gives you a chance to apply for another course.

“Ucas Extra runs from 25 February to 4 July for applicants who made five initial choices, but have either been unsuccessful in all cases or have declined any offers they received,” says Ucas.

“You can only apply for one choice through Extra at a time, so don’t rush into applying for the first course that you’re interested in – take some time to find out more about the course and the university.”

Before you go any further, you should read more about the process here: Ucas Extra explained.

Then there’s Clearing, which starts in July. This is when universities fill up empty spaces on courses, most often by giving them to students who didn’t get the A Level grades they needed to meet the requirements of their offers. Almost 10 per cent of uni admissions in 2014 were through Clearing. Find out more:

Good luck!

Posted by Nicholas Manthorpe on Fri, 10 Feb 2017

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