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Tips on preparing for university

Dr Rebecca Westrup, lecturer at the University of East Anglia’s School of Education and Lifelong Learning, has written some excellent advice in the Guardian’s Education partner zone for those who are heading off to university.

Whether someone is just out of school or coming as a mature student, it can be a scary, anxious time. For most, it will be the first time they have moved away from home.

Dr Westrup gives a few tips on how to handle the transition, with things a new student can do before they even reach the campus.

It’s only natural to worry: “But I won’t know anybody there!” Dr Westrup reminds students, in her piece, that everyone else is in the same boat and will have the same worries. She gives ideas for people they can talk to for support, to set their minds at ease.

For those who are fretting about what their courses will entail, she advises finding out more about what they will be asked to do when they arrive.

And timetabling your day can, she says, help strike the right balance between enjoying yourself and making the most of your learning (which is, after all, what you are there for).

To read her reassuring article in full, visit the Guardian/UEA partner site here

Many universities run Massive Open Online Courses, some of which are particularly useful for helping your students get ready for the big step that going to university represents.

The University of East Anglia runs a free six-week course, of three hours a week, called Preparing for Uni: you can access the MOOC here.

The most recent session of this course started on 26 January, but you can still join, or register your interest in a future course.

Posted by Nicholas Manthorpe on Tue, 31 Jan 2017

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